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Kara and Mark’s Beautiful Wedding at Los Willows 10-10!

Saturday we had the extreme pleasure of working with Kara and Mark capturing all of those amazing memories at their  wedding at Los Willows in Fallbrook.

The fall weather was unseasonably warm but our bride still looked FABULOUS! Everyone had a great time and the true love of this couple was felt strongly throughout the day!

Congratulations Kara and Mark! It was an honor to be a part of your day. Wishing you both a happily ever after!

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What exciting news to wake up to!


Shadowcatcher has been awarded the Wedding Wire’s Couples Choice Award for 2015!

We also received the Best of Weddings award earlier this year from The Knot! We are proud to display both these awards. Thank you to all of our fabulous clients!


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Kicking off our 2015 Wedding Season with a BANG~ San Diego Wedding Photographer

With only 3% of the advertisers on The Knot receiving this honor, we are pretty darn excited!

Looking forward to all of the fabulous memories and moments we will capture for our Shadowcatcher Brides & Grooms in 2015!


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A spicy Indian wedding with Jennifer and Mehu!~ San Diego Wedding Photographer

September 27th 2014

New Yorkers Jennifer & Mehu came home to family and friends to have their Indian Wedding . The colors of their wedding were beautiful! So bold and bright!

Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian wedding Indian weddingCongratulations Jennifer & Mehu!

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This Photographers Inspiration Board ~ San Diego Wedding Photographer

9-4-14 By Heather

Many brides have inspiration boards filled with ideas wishes and hopes for their wedding day. Well, I am here to tell you, this Photographer has one as well. We have shot over 350 wedding is our 10 years in the industry, and I am still dreaming of the day when this dream combo of mine comes together!


Pnina Tornai gown, Christian Louboutin wedding shoes, and a ceremony at the Chapel at The Grand Del Mar!  Add to this a couple that is crazy in love, and there you have it!  My dream wedding job!

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New Shoes for Jorge~ The Journey to Jorge & Aiyannas wedding day 2-14-15 at Los Willows~ Shadowcatcher Imagery

We got to spend a little more time yesterday with Jorge and Aiyanna, the couple who’s story we are following on the journey to their wedding day.

8-30-14  167 days till the wedding day. Skip & Heather follow along with Jorge and Aiyanna to Road Runner Sports in Kearny Mesa

New Shoes for Jorge

By Heather ~ Today we joined Jorge and Aiyanna at Road Runner Sports in Kearny Mesa for some new shoes for Jorge.  Aiyanna had texted me in the morning to mention they were going out for some new shoes for Jorge, and there is nothing like the words shoe shopping to get my attention! Unfortunately we had a session scheduled for that time but within minutes of her text that session called to reschedule. This was meant to be!

While at the Prosthesis’s yesterday Randy Whiteside suggested Jorge try out some shoes with less padding in order to give him more stability on his legs. The new feet he got a few weeks ago have more padding than the first set, so a shoe with less padding will provide him with more stability.

The staff at Road Runner sports were very helpful and Jorge went home in a pair of New Balance Minimus shoes that seemed to help gain him more stability when walking.

ShadowcatcherImagery_Jorge_8_30_14001 ShadowcatcherImagery_Jorge_8_30_14002 ShadowcatcherImagery_Jorge_8_30_14003 ShadowcatcherImagery_Jorge_8_30_14004

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Jorge & Aiyanna’s Facebook Page!

Los Willows who is hosting the  BIG event and who has generously pulled this all together!

Jorge & Aiyanna’s Journey to their Wedding Day 2-14-14 at Los Willows- 8-29-14 168 days till the wedding day. Skip follows along with Jorge on his appointment with his prostheticist.

8-29-14  168 days till the wedding day. Skip follows along with Jorge on his appointment with his prostheticist.

Today was my first time of hanging out with Jorge as we start our photo journey towards his and Aiyanna’s wedding on Valentine’s Day, 2015 at Los Willows in Fallbrook Ca.

Jorge and I met up at Peter Harsch Prosthetics in Mira Mesa for Jorge’s adjustments on his prosthetics. He seemed quite relaxed and very comfortable with me following him around with a camera. When I asked him if he was sure he was ok with this coverage today, he said, “That’s ok, I’ll just ignore you!” to which I replied that’s exactly what I wanted. Being around other ex-military guys seemed to make him more comfortable, maybe it’s the shared experiences. Right away, I found Jorge has a weakness. He’s pretty much a traditionalist for donuts, passing on filled and bacon donuts and sticking to his favorite, Cinnabon! All of the guys there are very fit and all profess to eat very healthy, certainly Jorge is as fit as anyone you’ll meet. One other guy there was talking about getting his “sprinting leg” so he could compete for a spot in Para-sports. But they seem to look at the day at the prosthetic shop as a “cheat day” and eat burritos, donuts and cinnamon rolls provided by the shop!
When I walked in, his prostheticist, Randy Whiteside, was over at the workbench, doing some tweaks on Jorge’s relatively new legs. I think he’s only had these for a couple of weeks, so there’s a lot of adjusting to be done by Randy to get them to fit and work properly and by Jorge to get used to them. By the way, these legs are seriously high tech! Carbon fiber, steel, aluminum and electronics like accelerometers, gyroscopes and wifi! The wifi lets the tech set certain things like bend resistance on a computer and then transmit it to the legs. Wow!
The patience of both men, Jorge and Randy, as they set up his legs was impressive. Randy seems to be a very gentle soul, very caring of his patients and very thoughtful on how to fix any problems with the prosthesis. Jorge had some problems with balance and with one knee releasing too easily. The knees seem to need a lot of delicate adjustments to get them to bend just right. Between Jorge describing exactly what was going on, and Rand listening carefully to his descriptions, they got his legs working perfectly.
I can’t tell you how humbling it was to be in a room with about ten men, all of them missing one or both legs and all of whom had great attitudes about life and wonderful expectations of their futures. It makes whatever petty problems I face, day to day, seem really trivial. I know that sounds trite, but there’s really no other way to put it.

Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The Altar Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The Altar Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The Altar Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The Altar Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The Altar Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The Altar Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The Altar Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The Altar Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The Altar Jorge and Aiyanna's Journey To The AltarShadowcatcher Imagery-

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